It’s A Family Affair

An iconic song by one of my favorite bands and the lyrics for all families. Sly & The Family Stone memories of the band and the song fill my head along with memories of Mom: Working as the Food and Beverage Manager at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles was one of the gigs my

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Audio Post

Propellerhead! Bits and pieces of my churning music inside using Propellerhead.Se  The free TAKE and FIGURE apps and the interconnecting DISCOVER app!  Check them out.  Did you read that they are FREE???? Join me using Discover to make music together!    

Hello world!

Welcome to the land of modicum! It’s a little of this and that served to you once in a while. Es un poco de esto y que de vez en cuando. 这是一个小的这个那个不时。 Il est un peu de ceci et de cela de temps en temps.