UnHinged Fringes…

If one can’t comprehend the awesome power of the library and all of the history and knowledge held therein, then one leaves a portion of their humanity behind. Check this:  https://danajae33.wordpress.com/2016/05/22/fringes-unhinged/ Time for a long walk…

Several Planets in Retrograde

Maybe that’s why I wrote THIS today.  I accidentally poured a packet of EmergenC into my hot coffee rather than the cup of water I had it planned for in the midst of writing: “We’ve Already Lost“. Go ahead and click the hyperlinked words – let your little selector scroll over the words “We’ve Already

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The world, a weary warrior, laments her future wake. Funereal scavengers close in on what remains to take. Messages clearly indicate the countdown toward our wounded fate. Avarice and colluption escalate as love and peace abate. The Corporate Leviathan fuels a seal of hate. Some sanity remains in place for those whose minds create.  

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