This movement promotes thinking, feeling, and creating positivity. Humans repeat history as we re-enter The Dark Ages looming ahead. Let’s make it a very quick period (say one month?) and move into the greater lightness of being. The Renaissance followed the Middle Ages and bridged those dark times into our modern history. But even the word “HIStory” is problematic

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Celebrating Mom – born 11/15/26

I awake with that special stillness in my heart that I have on November 15th for the past 6 years since Mom left planet earth for a beautiful life in the stars. I used to always get so excited as a kid and later as an adult when this time of year rolled around because

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It’s A Family Affair

An iconic song by one of my favorite bands and the lyrics for all families. Sly & The Family Stone memories of the band and the song fill my head along with memories of Mom: Working as the Food and Beverage Manager at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles was one of the gigs my

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NO Parking Zone

That’s just fine for you cars, but you can’t tow ME, the BIKE! BAIKU for today Speed in the city No tow for the bicycle Sun not shining now