Writing at a young age lead me to a world of knowledge with entrance to UC Berkeley for my undergraduate studies. I hopped and skipped among a number of Liberal Arts disciplines (Political Science, History, Foreign Languages, English Literature) to find a true calling in my life: SOUND.  All of the mysteries of life tell stories and our ears hear all of them. For me, it begins with the written word.

A Dreamer, dedicated to words – 1974

7th grade budding writer

I proceeded through life in the early 1980’s in college from a young singer-songwriter hell-bent on social justice

1983 Berkeley Dana_PP


a Sound Engineer

Setting levels between acts – Rock Fest – 1994                              World Music Festival – 2008

Mixing a concert in the mountains      World Music Festival 2008

Sound on film set – 2007

Flipboard cover Dana on PTF set 2


an Educator

Teaching audio at CCSF

Teaching the QuickMix       SF Recording Studio 2010

DJ-ing our college parties! CCSF Retirement Party_DJ Dana  DJing the CCSF Party_2015_CU



My career as an audio engineer spans 33 years since the first day I began to record and mix songs on my Tascam PortaStudio (cassette 4-track) in the early 80’s while attending college at UC Berkeley. I formed a couple of bands and sang lead (sometimes playing rhythm guitar until 1988 when I discovered that the “behind-the-scenes” tech realm was much more to my liking. I love how you can control the ENTIRE sound mix, and not just your own instrument.

I am a passionate audio enthusiast which has led me to an awesome career that I love and enjoy immensely. Sound and words rule my personal universe.

In 2001, the Broadcast Electronic Media Arts department hired me to teach and join the amazing faculty at City College of San Francisco.   I have called this place my audio home for 15-years and recently attained tenure.

Flashback: late 1980’s, I began my career in live sound engineering and toured extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe as Front-Of-House sound engineer for a multitude of bands on various record labels (most notably “Medicine” on American Recordings). I experienced some of the best music experiences of my life as a staff engineer at the venerable Bottom of the Hill nightclub since their inception in 1991.

I maintained a live sound production company from 1989 – 2012. dcj Productions provided live sound event services to the Bay Area community (mostly in the non-profit sector) in both large outdoor sound events as well as nightclubs and music halls. Now I DJ events at the college and for friends’ weddings for fun and frolic!

In 1991, I started recording bands on an 8-track Tascam TSR-8 analog tape recorder and moved into the digital realm in 1993 to 16-tracks of Alesis ADAT connected to a Soundcraft Ghost console in my home studio. In 1995, I advanced to Pro Tools and have been recording exclusively digital ever since, combining audio skills in sound for film as a location recordist as well as an engineer in post-production sound design and mixing. I remained “strictly analog” in my live sound mixing until 2012. Now that live sound digital mixers are decent and at affordable prices, it’s time to check out digital for live. I bought a Presonus StudioLive 16.4.2 to engage my students to give them much needed hands-on experience with a digital console. But really, let’s face it:  NOTHING beats an analog console for live sound like a Yamaha PM4000 or the like…

I co-owned and ran APG Records & APG Studios, a record label and recording studio from 1999 – 2004 which had a distribution deal through EMI. The company folded in 2004 and re-emerged as Potrero Post, though I am no longer connected to it. I continue to record music and engineer a few live performances at Bay Area venues in addition to full-time teaching at City College of San Francisco.

Music • Words • Inspiring Joy • Food • Libation • Stories • Passion • Plenty is just enough
CCSF_Broadcast Electronic Media Arts department recording studio. This is one of the places where I teach.

CCSF_Broadcast Electronic Media Arts department recording studio control room. This is one of the studios where I teach at the college.