Crime Scene

I walk back and forth in my kitchen in methodical movement like a Stepford Wife, cleaning with repeated mumbling  “I thought we were friends.”

This after hearing the tax scam had come to pass in the Louse and was moving on to the Tenet. Dubious cons sink America further. A note to the world: we’ve been had by an orange Führer.

The political theater has swallowed us whole, the resistance impossible to take a strong hold.

This Bannon projection was planned to play this out: So what if there are more progressives? They have nothing to fight back with but words, memes, decorated GIFs, and sticking their middle fingers high in the air. We’ve got a beefed-up, militarized police waiting to test some new weaponry and pallets of crime scene tape ordered for the defeated citizenry.

While our freedoms chip away in a daily swipe, our stomachs clench and our minds ignite. The call has come to stand up and take to the streets. But I fear the hatchet man awaits in white sheets.

They drool at the thought to take down the libs.  They will blame our resistance for the death sentence they give.

This Orwellian nightmare will not disappear; it gets worse every day with ReTHUGliCON cheer.

Laughing Cons

This video came about in 2012 after the 2008 crash revealed that no bankers would be imprisoned for their rigging of the system. It appears to be totally appropriate again: Little Piggies

My 33-second take on this hell:  Planetary Interloper.


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