America Tumbles While Nero Fiddles

This short post of several days past wraps it up in a blanket that doesn’t quite cover the entire body on a cold night forcing you to curl into fetal position:

A Crack in the Universe Where the Pain Comes In

Ah, but it’s much more than this and so much DEEPER. Beautiful citizens of countries die every day under the rule of an autocratic dictator. America now lives in such madness as the country that the rest of the world looks to for support, calm, and assistance has been tossed into the abyss of a Banana Republic-styled dictatorship. There exists a horrific situation with a political party that is entirely hell-bent on capitalist/greed/power that they refuse to remove a man completely UNFIT to serve as President of the Untied States (mis-spelling on purpose, of course). Make no mistake about it: this is a coup d’etat of western democracy through pretense of fake news by way of the (quite useful to some) Russian propaganda machine.

KNOW what “fake news” means before you start tossing it around. It’s clear that 45 and his new “war room” have no idea what fake news means save for that it’s anything that exposes his moronic atrocities that mangle the intended global  hegemony of democracy with the hope of leading to world peace. This has been tossed to the wind like a fine dandelion in slo-mo. (Thank you Neil Bromhall for your time-lapse photography here.) At the 44th second, you can see the build up of beauty which corresponds in my mind to the 2008 election of Barack Obama. The western world felt at ease and 8-years of a steady hand with an exceptional mind and heart guided America. (Not to say that a few hitches like {ugh} drones and such didn’t put a snap in the peace frame that I’m attempting to paint here…but, by and large as compared to now, it is like Buddha meets the court of Count Orlok with the changing of the presidential cloak, as it were). Now, check back to the video to the 1 minute, 4 second point where the beauty that the dandelion grew around its stem now flutters in the wind to blow away in a short time. This is the first few months living with the 45th President and it’s an absolute horror. It’s just like watching the final moment when the dandelion is left alone with only its seed-head intact. We are getting too close to that stage so quickly.


Though, sadly…you’ll read at that link that it will never happen.

America tumbles while Nero fiddles…


And another rock icon floats away…

R.I.P. Gregg Allman


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