Conflict of Earnest

Xi Jinping will be hosted by 45 at his lavish resort. When you read an article from a newspaper outside of the US about this meeting, you find the YUGE conflict of interest throughout. China has been bending backwards to help the family brand in numerous maneuvers in hopes to curry favor with the President. THIS IS INSANE.  This is exactly what was predicted when he decided that he and his family would keep their business ties. His daughter moves into the Whitehouse this week while “…the applications to market her brand in China have soared.”

One thing is sure: the first family rakes in $$ from overseas now that Daddy has his tiny hand over everything in America. He brings dignitaries to his “winter whitehouse”, charging the government (ahem: you and me) for the trip south, added security, resort fee, etc. The poor dumb asses who voted for him continue to be fooled. This past week he paraded around a bunch of broke coal miners as he cheerily signed an executive order to lift the moratorium on federal coal leases promising to bring back thousands of jobs.  Only the beaming inflated orange thinks that any real jobs will come of this. Experts call it “sheer nonsense”.

Meanwhile, China bought a prime piece of Kushner’s property on Fifth Avenue and has approved dozens of the family brand name trademarks since the inauguration. The only earnest activity coming out of the whitehouse (both winter and the real one) is lining the coffers associated with the myriad family businesses of 45 with $$ from everywhere. This is the real reason DJT ran for President. He holds no care for the average American. His entire cabinet and his family in positions of power is a FARCE.

This Conflict of Earnest is killing the rest of us. Better drink up that clean water now because soon enough, it will cause you all sorts of health issues.

More on the Xinping visit.




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