This movement promotes thinking, feeling, and creating positivity.

Humans repeat history as we re-enter The Dark Ages looming ahead. Let’s make it a very quick period (say one month?) and move into the greater lightness of being. The Renaissance followed the Middle Ages and bridged those dark times into our modern history. But even the word “HIStory” is problematic for me. It’s time to flip this planet into a vision of “HERstory” since the feminine embodies birth, regeneration, creation, renewal, hope, love, and peace.

Together, let’s make #Feminaissance a movement that promotes peaceful and positive artistic creation to rebuff and rebuke HIStory repeating.  Join us to inspire positivity here:  https://www.facebook.com/Feminaissance/  Share this widely.

I have created a Pinterest Board as well:  https://www.pinterest.com/danaj1065/feminaissance/

Feel free to promote it in your own way as well, but be sure to link what you create with #Feminaissance. Most importantly feel the glow of power in positive creation. The way to rebuke and rebuff the darkness around us: with light.

Light at Pabu   Sunflowers

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