America Tumbles While Nero Fiddles

This short post of several days past wraps it up in a blanket that doesn’t quite cover the entire body on a cold night forcing you to curl into fetal position: A Crack in the Universe Where the Pain Comes In Ah, but it’s much more than this and so much DEEPER. Beautiful citizens of

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Conflict of Earnest

Xi Jinping will be hosted by 45 at his lavish resort. When you read an article from a newspaper outside of the US about this meeting, you find the YUGE conflict of interest throughout. China has been bending backwards to help the family brand in numerous maneuvers in hopes to curry favor with the President. THIS

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Too Koo Ka Choo

“Here’s to you Mrs. Robinson: Jesus loves you more than you will know…” Check Medium here. From Bookends From It’s a Shame About Ray “One word: Plastics” When no means yes, you can guess the rest…

Isosceles Trapezoidal Tendencies

Walking downtown in the frozen tundra of my consciousness, I blindly move across intersections. I have entered my own personal Dexit with a hole in my heart and wish to remain autonomous inside my soul. No one enters while I repair the drawbridge. Apparently walls are the new orange which was the new black but has now

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UnHinged Fringes…

If one can’t comprehend the awesome power of the library and all of the history and knowledge held therein, then one leaves a portion of their humanity behind. Check this: Time for a long walk…