America Tumbles While Nero Fiddles

This short post of several days past wraps it up in a blanket that doesn’t quite cover the entire body on a cold night forcing you to curl into fetal position: A Crack in the Universe Where the Pain Comes In Ah, but it’s much more than this and so much DEEPER. Beautiful citizens of

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Human Consciousness – Waking Life

I find myself this morning in a hypertensive pondering about my wonderful friends, colleagues, and peers who have become enamored with the idea of list-making. Writing a list of things to do, buy at the store, books to read, etc seem to be a worthy, time-consuming effort. But today I feel judgment of my people who are

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A Visit to Hyde Street Studios

Last night I experienced (once again) the feeling of earning my place in the Bay Area world of audio. It happens when I attend a sound event or take my students on a field trip to some local amazing audio space where I have a personal connection with the engineer(s) behind the console because I’ve worked

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It’s A Family Affair

An iconic song by one of my favorite bands and the lyrics for all families. Sly & The Family Stone memories of the band and the song fill my head along with memories of Mom: Working as the Food and Beverage Manager at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles was one of the gigs my

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Too Koo Ka Choo

“Here’s to you Mrs. Robinson: Jesus loves you more than you will know…” Check Medium here. From Bookends From It’s a Shame About Ray “One word: Plastics” When no means yes, you can guess the rest…